Hand on his hips

He beamed at the pond

A skipper skips

A man so fond

Water follows a gentle motion

Brushes of breeze

A gentle ocean

Velvety ease

You see. A mans dream

A place destined in the universe

Is not what it seems

Our souls continually traverse

Energy lasts

Energy goes on

It never fades

Our memories of you, they live on



It stretches before,

Bared naked,

Like the dark heavens,

Those distant stars.

What is there,

A farm,

A widow,

Her husband off to die.

Killed under those stars,

How do I remember this man,

Maye he was I, or I was him.

I, Thracian warrior,

Dying for some bastard king.

Do I remember, the blood of the man.

Turning dust to mud,

A red clay,

Death by spear,

Shoved deep in the gut.

It found its way home.

On that distant field,

We were crushed to bone,

Then dust.

She drank deep of all our blood.



High on rocks is moss and lichen

Hidden by those innocent paths

A lion traverses those waiting and watching

He is the hunter no taunting

Wooded elves find there history past

Left to men their legacy we turn to ash

Send fire and furnaces

Hear them roar

See the life burn out of millions of years

We destroy very easily the accumulation of tears



If I were a dragon,

I would breath fire into this world.

I would scorch the earth,

Burn the trees,

Soot the skies.

I would do all these.

Flight is freedom,

And fire is power,

And power is all corrupting.

That is why it is given to fire.

Like the cherry orchards,

Cut and burned.

I imagine a dragon,

Burning those mounds of wood,

Embers glowing red and orange,

Hot enough to burn your ass.

Yes, the dragon is there,

In those coals,

Burning bright.

Like the soul of a star,

The core of a galaxy.

Burning like love or hatred,

Yes it burns.

It burns.